Assessment of equality

Tool for the assessment of equality

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yhtenvertaisuus-01The new Non-Discrimination Act entered into force on 1 January 2015. The purpose of the Act is to foster equality and prevent discrimination, as well as enhancing the legal protection of those who have been discriminated against. The act includes provisions on the obligation of various actors to assess and promote equality with respect to staff and other activities.

The equality assessment tool is intended to serve as an aid for actors engaged in promoting equality. It includes

1) information on the contents of the Non-Discrimination Act
2) suggestions for assessment criteria for use by various actors when assessing equality
3) examples of issues related to various groups facing the risk of discrimination
4) examples of the development of organisational activities from the perspective of non-discrimination
4) examples of methods for assessing equality
5) and tips on how to proceed from assessment to preparing and implementing an equality promotion plan.

What are the benefits of assessing and promoting equality?

The purpose of assessing equality is to identify discrimination and find methods of improving equality in the workplace and in various activities. The assessment provides a basis for authorities, the training provider and employers enabling them to implement efficient measures for preventing and intervening in cases of discrimination and promoting the equality of various groups. Systematic promotion of equality promotes the equal opportunities of all employees and service users to participate and influence activities. It prevents discrimination in advance, improves internal interaction within organisations, enhances safety and helps organisations to benefit from diversity. Promotion of equality improves not only the social atmosphere, but also the efficiency and productivity of work, while promoting social justice on a broader scale. Every workplace that promotes equality represents a step towards achieving a non-discriminating Finland.

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