Assessment of equality

Tool for the assessment of equality

Non-discrimination test

Is there discrimination at your workplace? How well do your operations take account of diversity in the work community and among clientele? Do you have the skills and knowledge required to make your services more equal?

By responding to the following test, you can assess the level of equality within your organisation. From the options, choose the one that best describes the situation at your workplace.

You can use this survey in equality planning by, for example, comparing each other’s perceptions of the situation in your work community.


A client who speaks poor Finnish wants further information about your services. What possibilities does he or she have to receive advice?


What is your organisation's attitude to the recruitment of employees with a minority background (e.g. ethnic minorities, sexual and gender minorities)?


A decision is made at your workplace to hire a trainee for six months. One of the applicants is a student with a Romani background.


An individual at your workplace suggests participating in an event with the aim of experiencing, first hand, what it feels like to conduct transactions as a blind person.


How have clients' different limitations been taken into account when designing communication material (brochures, websites, etc.)?


How easy is it to move around your workplace in a wheelchair?


A new employee is hired for the work community. Another employee reports seeing this person go to a gay bar during the previous weekend.


What is your work community's attitude towards clients with an immigrant background?


How is equality handled in internal documents (annual plans, performance targets, application instructions)?


Coming face to face with clients with a minority background may raise questions. What guidelines on practical problems are provided to the authority responsible for customer service?


By what methods does your organisation monitor the attainment of equality?


A client wants to give critical feedback on the opportunities of disabled persons to use the agency's services. What is the attitude towards such feedback?


A local association of Seta submits an initiative for altering the gender-based toilet facilities in your office into unisex facilities suitable for gender minorities. How does your organisation react to the situation?


How does your organisation handle discrimination between employees?


An elderly employee feels shut out of the youthful work community. How can the employee affect this situation?

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